Shaped-Gyuto Monks portfolio 1

“There is peacefullness, but there is also a feeling of safety. Safety in peacefullness.....There’s something to think about.”

These fine art Black and White images were taken during the construction of the Peace Stupa, located in the Byron Shire, Australia. One of only seven peace Stupa’s in the world.

Folio of 9 Photos

Size 138mm x 210mm
Hand Crafted art paper enclosure
Printed on an Epson 3800 using Museo Silver Rag Fine Art Photo Paper
This folio is in its First Edition, First printing, July 2013
Introductory price $120

Shaped-Gyuto Monks portfolio 1 PDF Monograph Edition

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Available as a Adobe Reader Monograph.
The original PDF MOnograph was published in 2011.